LETTER: Act of goodwill lifts hope for mankind

My day was not going well as it was and, to put icing on the cake ...

My day was not going well as it was and, to put icing on the cake, I went in to purchase my plate stickers and while applying them onto the plate I set my wallet on the bumper off my truck.

I finished sticking the tag on, then drove off,  later realizing I left my wallet on my bumper. Needless to say, it had fallen off. So my next journey started to try to find it and, when that didn’t pan out, I began phoning and visiting places to get new cards while cancelling the lost ones.

I felt a little disturbed about it all. The day was finally over and I had done what I could do about the lost articles in my wallet when I decided to go to my mailbox for mail. Lo and behold, there it was – my wallet with everything in place.

Just when you start losing hope for mankind, an act of goodwill and kindness comes knocking at your door and changes all that. I would like to personally thank whoever you are for returning my wallet to me. You are a noble person and also a person of great integrity.

I hope many blessings are returned to you in your life. You would definitely be a friend worth staying close to.

Peter Berlenbach