LETTER: Accolades for Abbotsford Hospital

Recent visit to emergency department a fast and efficient affair

Well done, Abbotsford Hospital!

We give you plenty of flack when service is slow or lacking but you were a kind and rip-snorting fast machine recently. No complaints only accolades!

On March 17, I arrived at the emergency department around 11:50 a.m. In about five minutes I was through check-in and triage. Then bang, bang, bang – blood work, EGT, and a doctor’s review of the results with a preliminary diagnosis.

Then to verify the diagnosis, an ultrasound and a chest X-ray with hardly any waiting at all. I’ve never had so many tests done in so short a time in my life.

Not long after, a kind nurse asked, “Are you hungry at all?” She returned with a full and tasty lunch.

Then came the doctor’s confirmation of the diagnosis. But just to be certain, he called in the cardiologist who arrived shortly. He confirmed the diagnosis, gave the prescription, requested further blood work later, and that was that.

The treatment? Aspirin!

Thanks Janet and Dr. Jacques West for pointing me to these highly qualified people at the Abbotsford hospital who worked as a great team.

Lyndell Enns