Get the heartbeat of the family

It strikes me as “duh” that Abbotsford is in such a bubble of affluence, or so it seems to the city council.

Am I the only one who hears regular tales of job cuts, job loss and the struggling thousands in our city?

The city of Detroit just cut  their budget by withholding essential services like garbage pickup, policing, mail delivery, and snowplowing to 20 per cent of their city. 

Although money and taxes seem to be easier to acquire than common sense, I still have some faith in real, caring elected officials who look ahead with wisdom, experience and alertness to the times we find ourselves in.

Bluntly, TransLink is really just a loose link, with no bottom in their pockets (who are in your pocket).  They are way over-funded, way too power-hungry, and have little respect for asking, but only seem to demand. 

I believe we need a private inquiry into their conglomeracy, and see if private enterprise could show a more efficient way. (We already know the answer.)

     While I’m on this cash roll, what’s this about 4.5 – 10 per cent property tax increase?  Just for those who need it, since we’re doing so well financially, I guess.

To sum up, a lot of things are not well economically, nor in other ways.

I would suggest that our city fathers have a serious family meeting and get the heartbeat and feelings of the rest of the family before launching into more millions of dollars in commitments, and maybe ask “can we afford it,” rather than borrowing against our children’s lives.


Jamie Syme

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