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Forever grateful for the sacrifice

What has mankind done for the good of humanity with the hard-fought freedoms, received 66 years ago...

What has mankind done for the good of humanity with the hard-fought freedoms, received 66 years ago, that cost the lives of 55 million living souls?

Around Remembrance Day each year, when sitting by a cozy warm fireplace, I cannot help but think of the millions of soldiers,  in the Second World War,  who were forced to spend many a night in cold, dark manholes dug deep in earth.

Yes, indeed, how the world has changed since then.

Right after the war in 1946, the first all-purpose computercame on the scene.  In 1958, microchips were invented. In 1960, the first satellite appeared, enabling humans to now enjoy 24 hours of live television around the globe.

And who can forget the magic moments when we saw Neil Armstrong step on the moon in 1969?

Then along come the pocket calculators, and the first laptop, and the famous World Wide Web appeared in 1994, followed by the now famous iPod used by nearly everyone today.

I am sure there will be more mind-boggling inventions just around the corner for us.

But with all the technological advancements, and conveniences placed at our fingertips, life seems to be busier than ever before.

Could we be neglecting common, every day thinking?

Teenagers today are inundated with immoral temptations the older generations could not have dreamt of.

How many parents actually recognize the importance of raising a family in a stable and caring home life?

Just how many modern parents recognize the fact that the most sensitive thing in the universe is the soul of a little child?

How many truly believe that a good and stable marriage is the moral compass in society?

Just what type of moral standards do modern parents exemplify and teach their children?

Somehow, I cannot help but wonder how life would be today if Hitler, with much the same character than Moammar Gadhafi, would have seen his dream fullfilled.

Nonetheless, life goes on, no matter what happens to any of us.

Along with millions of other people around the globe, I want to be forever grateful to all those who gave up their lives so that we could live and enjoy this glorious freedom each new day. Just how fortunate we are.

Gertie Pool