Excuse not to recycle

The recent letter concerning “No blue boxes” caught my eye.

The recent letter concerning “No blue boxes” caught my eye. Having lived in a city that requires sorting, I can attest that Abbotsford’s blue bag program is neither a deterrent nor inconvenient.

A leisurely walk around my neighbourhood on garbage day reaffirms how effective this program is, as curbsides abound with bags of blue.

Combined with the city’s compost/yard waste program, I typically throw out one can of garbage bi-weekly.

It is so easy, even my husband and toddler can do it.

Throw everything in the bag, drop it off at the curb and voila! That’s it!

Plus, you don’t need to put the bags/boxes away. Blue recycling bags are not purchased individually. You buy them in boxes, just like garbage bags.

I find it difficult to believe that if it’s terribly inconvenient for your mother-in-law to purchase a box of blue bags when she is already at the grocery store, that she would be willing to sort through her recycling or bring such bags/boxes to and from the curb each week.

This sounds like an excuse not to recycle. It’s much easier to toss everything in the trash.

Angela Adams