EDITORIAL: Just vote – it’s your duty

It’s up to you to cast your ballot in provincial election

With four days to go before B.C. residents head to the polls, many voters already know who they want to represent them in Victoria for the next four years.

In all likelihood, those people have already cast their ballot during advanced polling.

The ones who matter to the candidates now are the undecided voters – the ones who may yet be convinced that a particular candidate is the best option to serve as MLA for Abbotsford South, Abbotsford West or Abbotsford-Mission

In our May 3 (Wednesday) edition, we gave you a chance to read about your local candidates. It was just a fraction of the information we have gathered. The complete package resides on our website (abbynews.com/tag/bc-election-2017). There you will find in-depth written interviews, video interviews and all the pertinent background information you’ll need to make an informed decision come May 9.

We’ve asked the candidates the micro and the macro questions that affect us locally and provincially. If you have any doubt as to who the best candidate is, we implore you to check out our special election 2017 package before casting your ballot.

As well, we have covered a number of all-candidates meetings. These public debates often reveal the polished from the amateur when it comes to politics.

Abbotsford is a community that has traditionally offered strong support for Liberal candidates.

Whether you want to see that tradition stand for another four years or you’re ready for change, it’s up to you to cast your ballot in that direction.

They’ve done their job.

Now it’s up to all of us to do ours – just vote.

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