Consideration for neighbours

Concerning parking commercial vehicles, i.e. rigs, trailers, and large cube/box vehicles over 5,500 kg on city streets.

From many years of enforcement of Abbotsford’s city bylaws concerning this issue, it should never have been decided as an amendment to the commercial truck bylaws.

It would not take much effort to learn that the Abby Police traffic section has attended too many citizen complaints for washing rigs in driveways, causing gravel, dirt and oil to run down to a neighbour’s property.

Rigs (tractors) idling too fast and loud at 5 a.m. – drivers in the sleeper unaware, waking the neighbourhood up.

Rigs and trailers blocking the vision and safety of drivers near schools and other commericial businesses.

Many excuses I have heard are just stopping for awhile to get my lunch, showering, arrived late in the city, picking up my driver, etc.

All could be avoided by hiring a taxi, getting a family member to pick up the driver, and just normal consideration for the neighbours who want peace and quiet,  and also have chosen their own location for this reason.

If commercial vehicles start parking on our streets, in driveways or other city lots of recreational public attendance, the problems of noise, pollution, the well-being of citizens, and complaints will greatly increase.

I suggest the city purchases land for commercial vehicle parking, with reasonable rent and monitored by proper lighting and a security company.

Gerry Koehn

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