Art belongs in a gallery, not on a road

I have read and heard many comments regarding the city’s art initiative.

I have read and heard many comments regarding the city’s art initiative. The city is not on the right track and I would say it’s off the rails. Why are we spending my money on art? I’m still wondering what theory of traffic modelling asks for distracting pieces of art be placed strategically to pull your eyes off the road? The art piece says to people, you are here! So do the traffic signs. How many tourists have been attracted to Abbotsford and how much revenue has the uncomfortable art benches downtown made for the City of Abbotsford over the years? We save $700,000 on FRVD participation, but spend $64,000 on a piece of art, and according to this article, it’s just the beginning, and we need several pieces to tell Abbotsford’s story. There are many large cities and states going broke in the United States due to the current economy, and due to money mismanagement. The city continually raises our taxes to pay for infrastructure, but turns around and spends money irresponsibly. How long can we sustain frivilous projects before we start to run out of revenue streams? What are the ongoing maintenance costs of this and other art projects? It’s time Abbotsford stopped thinking that art will draw tourists, and support expansion. A clean and safe city that is fiscally responsible is what attracts people to a community to stay, not a cartoon bench or metal artwork. The art is a very nice piece of work, but belongs in a gallery or private residence, not on a road. Kim Dodd