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Water, spending and safety perceived as top three issues

While the city’s water referendum will be the forefront issue for voters this election...

Melissa WELSH

Abbotsford News

While the city’s water referendum will be the forefront issue for voters this election, according to more than half of the mayoral and council candidates, other issues have also garnered public interest and concern.

The second key issue for voters, in the opinion of 15 out of 21 mayoral and council candidates reached, is accountable spending and taxation.

Mayoral candidate  Meghann Coughlan;  and council candidates Dave Derkson, William Aird Flavelle, Moe Gidda, and Terry Stobbart did not respond by The News’ press deadline Monday afternoon.

The third top issue for voters, according to candidates, is public safety.

Other common concerns listed were sustainable city planning; the Abbotsford Entertainment  and Sports Centre’s deficit; Metro Vancouver’s garbage incinerator proposal; homelessness; the city’s Plan A project and openness and transparency with city council.

Candidates were asked: “Please list the top three issues which you think are facing voters in this election.”


Mayoralty candidates


George Peary


Stave Lake water; public safety/crime; and taxes


Gerda Peachey

The privatization of Stave Lake; taxes; public safety


Bruce Banman

P3; taxes; city urban planning


Council incumbents

Moe Gill

Security/policing and fire; water P3; taxes


Les Barkman:

Abbotsford’s future water supply; public safety; accountable spending

Simon Gibson

Secure and stable water supply; taxing/spending and alternative provincial funding sources; public safety


Patricia Ross

P3 water refer-endum; Metro Vancouver’s garbage incinerator proposal;  crime


John Smith

Water referendum; taxes and fees; deficits at AESC


Bill MacGregor

Taxation and spending; P3 water; AESC


Dave Loewen

Rising property taxes and delivery of services; community safety and security; water supply


Council challengers

Henry Braun:

Stave Lake water referendum; public safety and repression of gang/crime activity; AESC’s operating deficit and the Heat hockey team


Kevin Chapman

Rising cost of city services (taxes/water); Stave Lake water proposal; Plan A


Doris Woodman-McMillan

Referendum on water; crime/continued reductions; sustainable development


Anne Graham

Borrowing/spending/rising taxes; sustainable development; social issues like youth crime and homelessness


Vince Dimanno

P3 Stave Lake water project and water bills; AESC/Abbotsford Heat losses; crime reduction and policing


Jatinder Sidhu

P3 water, business development, public safety


James   Breckenridge:

P3; accountable spending/taxes; openness and transparency in city council


Lynn Perrin

P3; openness and transparency in city council; accountable spending/taxes


Mark Rushton

P3; accountable spending; city planning/bylaws


Daljit Sidhu

P3; public safety; accountable spending/taxes


Top three


P3 water – 20

Accountable spending – 15

Safety – 12