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VIDEO: Is Abbotsford’s Keeping Road one of Canada’s most haunted roads?

YouTube channel The Paranormal Road Trippers investigates claims sent in by their followers

Is Abbotsford’s Keeping Road the most haunted road in Canada?

That was the question posed by The Paranormal Road Trippers - a popular YouTube channel based in Canada that investigates some of the spookiest mysteries in the country.

The group posted a TikTok video earlier this year claiming that they had received several stories of unusual occurrences on the street and that video went viral, collecting more than 395,000 views.

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The video states that multiple people have reported seeing a woman standing on the road at night who then disappears as you get closer. They claim that other people have reported seeing a ghost dog. The Paranormal Road Trippers did not witness either the woman or the dog during their investigation video, which was posted on June 16.

Another experiment the Road Trippers tried was a legend that if you leave your keys on the hood of your car a girl will appear and take the keys off the hood. Nothing occurred with that experiment either, but one of the investigators claimed her door opened on its own as they began conducting that experiment.

They also stated that followers have told them that if they turn off their car then the car will not start or have difficulty starting on the road. This also did not occur on their experiment, however the investigators claimed to have received an error message on the dash when they tried to start it at first.

Investigators also claimed that there was audio disturbance when they mentioned the word ‘hanging’. Another tip they received from followers is that when you flash your lights into the forest you sometimes see an apparition in the trees. They did not witness this during their investigation.

For more on the group, visit their YouTube channel.

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