Unknown if family complied with deportation order

Family feared domestic violence if they returned to Hungary

A local family ordered to return to Hungary were scheduled to fly out of Abbotsford Wednesday, but it is unclear if they complied with their deportation order.

Marianna Juhasz and her two teenage sons said they left Hungary because of domestic violence. She said she is afraid for her son’s well-being if the family returns to Hungary. She also said she is likely to go to jail for taking her son from his father.

The denial of the family’s refugee claim sparked protests among supporters and co-workers of Marianna, who was employed at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre.

An online petition calling for the reversal of the family’s deportation order garnered more than 750 signatures.

Other media reported Wednesday that the family had left their home but that no one could say whether they left the country.

The News was also unable to confirm the whereabouts of the family.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) said they couldn’t comment on the case, saying that it “does not confirm the enforcement of a removal order of any one person for safety and security reasons.”

The CBSA said: “Everyone ordered removed from Canada is entitled to due process before the law and all removal orders are subject to various levels of appeal.

“Once individuals have exhausted all legal avenues of recourse/due process, they are expected to respect our laws and leave Canada or be removed.”