Turkeys safe to eat, industry says as Christmas approaches

Turkeys brought in from other provinces to keep prices stable

Representatives of B.C.’s poultry industry say there should be no concerns about the safety of locally produced turkeys and eggs this holiday season, despite an avian influenza outbreak.

“We want to reassure the public that yes, poultry and egg products are safe to eat,” says Ray Nickel, president of the Abbotsford-based BC Poultry Association. “Health Canada has stated there is no evidence that consuming poultry or eggs can transmit the avian influenza virus to humans.”

The industry says it’s also been working to prevent prices from rising as demand spikes in advance of Christmas day.

“We’ve supplemented our stock with turkeys from other provinces and prices will remain stable,” said Michel Benoit, general manager of BC Turkey Farmers in a press release.