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VIDEO: Tourism Ch’illiwack invites everyone to ‘Meet the Protectors’ in latest marketing campaign

‘There is hope bestowed for this gift we have been given,’ according to video trailer

The latest video campaign from Tourism Ch’illiwack is focused on “protecting the gift” that is Chilliwack by showcasing a trio of those involved in hands-on stewardship efforts.

Tourism Ch’illiwack invites everyone to ‘Meet the Protectors’ in a minute long video teaser for the upcoming marketing series profiling the three locals.

“From the depths of pristine waters to trails of mossy forests, there is hope bestowed for this gift we have been given. Our home, our life, the land we are so lucky to live on, is worth protecting.

“This isn’t a new concept for some, for some, this is part of who they are, and who they’ve always been. Meet the Protectors,” according to the intro trailer on YouTube. “Meet Arlene, the curator, this Spring. Meet Steve, the restorer, this Summer. Meet Eddie, the preserver, this Fall.”

It’s all part of a five-year strategic plan released in 2021 with this line as the vision statement:

“To position Chilliwack as an iconic destination to adventure and unwind, partnering with our community stakeholders to invite visitors to responsibly experience the area’s urban and natural attractions.”

There’s a dawning expectation for folks who visit to tread lightly, and “responsibly” on the land, whether hiking, biking, dike walking or otherwise soaking up the natural beauty.

The move toward responsible tourism addresses the endless challenge of illegal garbage-dumping across the region, and reflects the need to shift into a “destination management” organization from a “destination marketing” one.

That purposeful shift to “management” is about taking care of the gift that is Chilliwack’s natural areas and preventing any further environmental damage.

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