Sumas Mountain vs. Matsqui Trail; Help determine Abbotsford’s favourite park

Sumas Mountain vs. Matsqui Trail; Help determine Abbotsford’s favourite park

Two parks remain from our main bracket. The victor will face-off against Mill Lake Park

Abbotsford is blessed with dozens of parks, some among the very best in the Lower Mainland. We are running a Final Four-style bracket that pits Abbotsford’s lesser-loved parks against one another. Vote for your favourite park and see if you’re in the majority. At the end, we’ll set the best of the bunch against Mill Lake Park, and see if its backers can help it knock off the city’s crown jewel. At the end of the day, hopefully you will find a new park to explore.

The third round of voting left us with an intriguing match-up to see who will be left to face Mill Lake Park. Voting will again take place over the weekend both on our website and our Facebook page. You can find it and previous sets of results here.

Sumas Mountain Regional Park (1) vs. Matsqui Trail Regional Park (4)

The dynamic here is fascinating. First, the names are actually important. Both are largely “regional parks” (A few parcels of Sumas Mountain park are owned by the city) run by the Fraser Valley Regional District. Both are also on the edges of Abbotsford and at a 15-minute drive or more from the centre of Abbotsford. Nevertheless, voting has shown both have large constituencies of users.

Sumas Mountain is all about hiking and mountain biking, with an array of trails spread out over a massive area. The park isn’t particularly accessible, but those who love it, love it a lot. The park is also draws users from around the Lower Mainland.

Matsqui Trail, meanwhile, provides one of the longest unbroken stretches of path along the Fraser River anywhere in the Lower Mainland. The park provides fishing opportunities along the river, has a great picnic area, and has horse-friendly trails.

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