Sumas Mountain meeting tonight

The city of Abbotsford will host an open house on the Sumas Mountain Environmental Study.

A public consultation meeting takes place tonight to discuss the city’s Sumas Mountain Environmental Study.

Residents of the mountain and other members of the public can join city staff and council representatives to discuss how the plan will take shape.

“It’s basically for the residents up in the Sumas Mountain area,” said Jay Teichroeb, the city’s general manager of economic development and planning, although anyone may attend.

He said the meeting is an opportunity “to have a discussion” with residents.

The meeting will be an open house format with city staff making a brief presentation at 7 p.m. with questions to follow.

Some residents have voiced concerns that the city is trying to tell them what they can do with their own land, but Teichroeb said he wanted to be “clear” that is not the case.

“It’s quite the opposite. It’s an opportunity for us to listen to the people and understand what their desire is for the property.”

He said the meeting should allow people to clearly understand what the plan is about.

“This is just an understanding of what the environmental features are that are up on the mountain and then having a discussion with the residents about what their vision is for how we treat them.”

The meeting takes place tonight (July 31) and runs from 6-9 p.m. at Straiton Hall (4698 Upper Sumas Mountain Rd.).