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SCHOOL BOARD: Mann, Kirpa Punam Kaur

School District 34: Mann, Kirpa Punam Kaur – Board of Education trustee candidate
Kirpa Punam Kaur Mann

Name: Kirpa Punam Kaur Mann

Party affiliation (if any): None

Education: BA in Psychology and Social Equity, Masters of Education, Curriculum Development (Candidate)

Occupation: CEO of manufacturing business

Previous political experience: Have engaged with civic, provincial and federal policies on education, immigration and community development.

Residency (city/neighbourhood): Abbotsford

Community involvement: Co-founded and co-created the very first South-Asian Mentorship Program, called SOURCE, which was implemented in four elementary schools and four high schools in Surrey and Vancouver. We developed a training program for university students in preparation for their involvement as mentors, while working alongside official City partners. Kirpa has been involved in inter-faith dialogue designed to enhance community involvement. Kirpa has also facilitated support groups for those in need of support.

Marital status/children: Single, No children

Contact phone number: 778-241-4906


Social media:

What do you feel are two key education-related issues Abbotsford voters should be considering when choosing trustee representatives in this civic election?

Bridging community partnership

Research based program implementation

Why, and what would you do to address these issues?

Bridging community partnerships: we need to begin the healing process. In order for the school district to achieve success all partners must be working in collaboration towards the same goals. For this, strong communication, collaborative strategy planning and solution oriented discussions must take place - where everyone is heard with the utmost integrity, respect and genuine positive regard. Knowing that the success of the city is reflected solely in the success of all participants: teachers, parents, students and administration alike- we must begin to build a bridge for those relationships to heal and come together. This will only be possible if we begin to hear the needs of those on the frontline- take their concerns and experiences seriously- acknowledge them and work together moving forward.

Research based program implementation: we must include all partners in this process; thus, make sure that teachers, parents and administration are a part of the process.they should have a chance to learn about plans with transparency, voice concerns, suggest improvements- see suggestions and improvements through - and then be a part of the implementation, as a part of the team that is making new and better programming and systems possible.

It is incumbent to utilize research and applied program implementation strategies for the strategic plan outlined for the next four years in order to use funds most effectively and to gain the outcomes initially intended to be achieved.