Right laundry, wrong home: Drunken mix-up in Abbotsford

An intoxicated man in Abbotsford decided to do his laundry Monday morning, but was in the wrong home.

An intoxicated man thought he was doing laundry in his own home, but it took the Abbotsford Police to convince him otherwise on Monday morning.

Const. Ian MacDonald said police received a call from a resident who had heard noises coming from downstairs at about 9 a.m. and discovered a man washing his clothes in her laundry room.

The woman informed him he was in the wrong house, but he insisted he had just moved in.

“There was a bit of a debate about who was wrongly in whose house,” MacDonald said.

Police returned the man to his residence a few houses away. MacDonald said he was new to a neighbourhood where a few of the homes look the same and have the identical interior layout.