Abbotsford’s Peter Dueck celebrated his 80th birthday on Sunday. (Submitted)

Abbotsford’s Peter Dueck celebrated his 80th birthday on Sunday. (Submitted)

PHOTOS: Abbotsford’s Peter Dueck celebrates 80th birthday with car parade

Local senior parties on his big day in the COVID-19 era

Abbotsford resident Peter Dueck celebrated his 80th birthday the way many in the COVID-19 era are doing – with a car parade.

Dueck, who lives at the Maplewood Care Home, saw many of his friends and family attend the event on Sunday.

Here is a recap from his daughter Shawna Enns:

I am sending some pictures of my dad’s 80th birthday (car) parade. We were thrilled to have a 26-car parade – made up of family and friends.

We made lots of noise (honking, party noise makers), enjoyed the cars decorated with balloons and signs, and merrily wished Dad well as we slowly drove past him. This experience brought tears of joy to Dad’s eyes.

My Mom stood across the lane from Dad. My parents, who have been married for 56 years, have only been able to communicate by phone or by “window visit” since March 15, so this was a highlight for both of them!

After the parade, the paraders gathered (we did our best to socially distance) and sang Happy Birthday as well as two hymns for Dad. We were so blessed to see family and friends support Dad on his big day!