Nothing but ‘good times’ at Aldergrove Cruise-In

Nothing but ‘good times’ at Aldergrove Cruise-In

Cruise-In a big success, without a hitch in move to Aldergrove

Langley Goodtimes Cruise-In president Wayne Patterson checks out one of the sweet deals at the event’s Swap Meet on Sunday.

The weather was much sunnier on Sunday but Patterson had nothing but praise for the community of Aldergrove in helping make the event run smoothly on Saturday despite frequent rainy spells.

However, despite the rain Paterson was impressed with the number of vehicles exhibited, 778, and a large crowd that he estimated at anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000.

“It’s hard for me to guess but I know that everywhere I looked I saw nothing but crowds of people milling about,” said Patterson.

“And best of all it went so smoothly — in the past there was always something going on over the radios, some problem or another that needed fixing, but in Aldergrove we had only a couple problems that came up — like one fellow whose scooter tipped over and we had to get him to the ambulance to get checked over. He was OK and we had the firefighters and St. John’s Ambulance here onsite to take care of him. In fact, we even had a stretch of three hours when there wasn’t a single problem.”

Patterson said the Cruise-In society is thrilled with the way the event went in its first year in Aldergrove and they look forward to returning here in the years to come.

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Nothing but ‘good times’ at Aldergrove Cruise-In