VIDEO: Meet the dogs pup for adoption at a PetSmart Abbotsford event

VIDEO: Meet the dogs pup for adoption at a PetSmart Abbotsford event

Over 30 dogs in all, mostly from California, up for adoption over the weekend

The pup-rising is happening!

Well, not really. But fur two days (Saturday and Sunday) over 30 dogs are hanging out at the PetSmart in Abbotsford, hoping to get adopted — and not puprisingly, it’s super cute.

Largely from California, these pups come in all shapes and sizes.

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“We do take these Formosan mountain dogs from Taiwan as well. And we get Chihuahuas, we get terriers, poodles. A lot of times, just litters of puppies are dumped at the shelters in California,” Fee said.

“We just saved a pregnant Chihuahua, and she didn’t look right. I took her to the vet yesterday; sure enough, she has a big breed puppy inside, so we had to do a C-section. We just got news today she’s got five babies, she’s recovered totally.”

Put on by the Embrace a Discarded Animal Society at the PetSmart location in Abbotsford, the event had about 31 dogs up for adoption as of mid-afternoon Saturday, with three already gone to new homes and other adoptions pending.

“We’ve already had three dogs leave the building. They were pre-approved adopters. And our home-checkers are out there right now doing some home studies,” said Leslie Fee, Embrace Society president.

“So if you see a dog that you love, we can look at your application. If we feel it could be a potential fit, we’ll send a home-checker out right away.”

The dogs are adopted only to homes that the Embrace Society is confident the dogs will fit well into.

The event runs until 7 p.m. on Saturday and re-opens at 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Sunday at the Abbotsford PetSmart location at 1305 Sumas Way.

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