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Grizzly bear activity forces closure of 11 trails near Whistler

Early fall is feeding time for the bears who need to put on weight for the winter season
(File photo)

An increase in grizzly bear activity has closed 11 trails near Whistler until Sept. 11.

The municipality said that the closure is intended to minimize any interactions between grizzlies and humans, especially when the bears are more active in the early fall.

“The alpine areas of Mount Sproatt and Rainbow Lake provide ideal foraging habitat for the Grizzly Bears, especially in late summer/ early fall when the bears are entering the hyperphagia period,” the municipality stated.

“This is when the bears need to feed continuously in order to prepare for winter hibernation. Human interactions during this time cause disruptions to their feeding which can lead to aggressive behaviour.”

The trails being closed are:

  • Rainbow Lake Hiking Trail (above Flank Trail)
  • Hanging Lake Camping area
  • Into the Mystic (above Less Trail)
  • On the Rocks
  • With A Twist
  • Pot of Gold
  • Ninja Loop
  • Upper Lord of the Squirrels
  • Happy Hour
  • Last Call
  • Rush Hour

The province is home to about 15,000 grizzly bears, which is a quarter of the North American population. Some, including those in the Whistler area, are listed as a threatened group.


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