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PAWSITIVE UPDATE: 5 kittens thought to be dumped at Kootenay landfill actually born there

One worker at the landfill luckily saw something moving in the pile
Five kittens have all found homes after being rescued from a landfill in Fort Steele on Monday, September 20, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Leslie Long)

In a positive turn of events, and as new information has come to light, it turns out that the kittens who were recently found at the Fort Steele landfill were born there and not dumped, as originally reported.

The Cranbrook Townsman published a story Tuesday (September 22) that five kittens were found to be dumped in the garbage after being found at the landfill in Fort Steele.

Worker Jeff Arrowsmith spotted a kitten while he was moving some large pieces of metal on Monday.

“I called my two boys, because there was no way I could lift these pieces and get the kitten, so they came and helped me while I ran the machine,” Arrowsmith told the Townsman.

The sons found four more kittens – running around trying to catch them for a while, before taking the cats home and cleaning them up. The furry siblings were brought to a local family member, Susan Pearson, who is involved in animal rescues.

Pearson, who is now fostering the kittens, says they are happy, healthy and getting the care that they need – including having adoptive families.

She explained that it wasn’t until after speaking with the Townsman that she learned about the mother cat who has been living at the landfill.

Arrowsmith confirmed that there are several cats calling the landfill home who were “dumped there two or three years ago.”

He added that there is a group currently working to trap the cats in order to get them spayed and neutered.

Pearson says that sometimes, with ferrel cats, the local animal groups will trap the animals, get them fixed and return them to where they were found.

Pearson says this story still speaks to the larger issue of dumped and abandoned cats, as well as over-population.

“It’s a big issue though, with abandonment, overpopulation. It’s sad really. There are rescues that do spay and neuter clinics, so it doesn’t matter your income. It would be great to have one of those here.”

Arrowsmith echoed Pearson’s statement, noting how proud he is of his sons for helping with the rescue.

“The sad thing is, people are focusing on the negative. Five kittens were rescued. We’re supposed to help each other, that’s what society is about. Make a positive impact, instead of a negative. Spend ten minutes less on your phone, and ten minutes more petting a cat - I promise you’ll be a lot happier.”

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