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Election 2014: Kamal Gill wants to focus on issues for parents, students

Trustee candidate wants to focus on the problems of students and parents - Trustee candidate
Kamal Gill

Kamal Gill will run for a seat as a school trustee in the November municipal election in order to “focus on the problems of students and parents.”

She came to Canada from India with a bachelor of science and says she has never quit learning. Gill has resided in Abbotsford for the last 31 years.

Along with caring for her two children, Gill has worked with her family business as a farmer for the last 28 years.

She currently works part time at Tradex in occupational first aid and as a real estate agent.

Gill said she believes in living a simple life and giving back to the community.

She has serves on parent advisory committees (PACs) and said she has always strongly believed in educating children “for a better and safer future.”

She said that the Abbotsford community is facing concerns such as child safety, bullying, health, attendance, food services, transport and “most importantly the rising drug issues the whole Abbotsford community faces today.”

“My goal is to ensure each child is getting an equal opportunity for a safe and healthy education.”

Gill said she would like to see programs start at an earlier age to help kids learn early on to make better choices.

She said that PACs, parents, staff and the school board need to work together to create clear communication.

Gill said schools need more and improved resources provided to teachers and students.

“I believe funding should be well spent and equally spent to ensure each student is getting the same opportunities.

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