Election 2014: Former Conservative candidate Redekopp to seek a municipal seat

City of Abbotsford: Paul Redekopp among council candidates - Council candidate

Paul Redekop

Paul Redekop

Former Conservative candidate Paul Redekopp will run for Abbotsford council in the upcoming election.

Redekopp sought the provincial seat as a candidate in the Abbotsford West riding in the 2013 election. The seat was won by incumbent Liberal MLA Mike de Jong.

Redekopp currently works for Alliance Concrete Pumps in Aldergrove. He serves as the vice-president of the B.C. Conservative Party and sits on the board of elders at this church.

Redekopp has also worked with troubled youth and adults with special needs for many years, working with and volunteering for many non-for-profit agencies.

On his website it states that he is tired of the misuse of tax dollars and “it is time to vote in a new council, it is time for wiser spending, safer streets and less red tape for our small business.”

He says it is time to put Abbotsford back on the map, “not because of past mistakes, but because Abbotsford is a great place to live, raise a family, start a business or retire.”

He says the city must look at best practices for a city of its size and at what can be done to curb spending and lower taxes.

He says city hall needs to streamline how it works with the small businesses in Abbotsford, making it easier for them and drawing more business to the city.