Debate flows on first Pride parade in Abbotsford

Facebook followers discuss event to be held May 25

  • May. 23, 2013 5:00 p.m.

Abbotsford will host its first ever Fraser Valley Pride event on Saturday, May 25, organized by the Fraser Valley Youth Society (FVYS).

John Kuipers, program co-ordinator for the Fraser Valley Youth Society, said there was local demand for a pride event.

“(We want) to raise awareness that there are queer people here in the Valley, and bring awareness of the fact that there is support.

Here’s what Facebook followers are saying:


  • Ann Buchardt the straight parade starts when and yes i am sooo sick about this subject i think they should get over themselves ,go back to your closets

  • Chantel Nagurny Oh wow, Ann, that’s rude. I am heterosexual and you can count me in for any pride parade! Always so much acceptance and love. Love seeing people able to be themselves without criticism. These things bring people together, its a good time!

  • Jessie Fraser RUDE Ann.

  • Darren Johnson My comment was a step over the line and taken the wrong way. Oops. Here’s a placeholder to say that it was more about society accepting political correctness as the norm and how that shouldn’t be a thing.

  • Chantel Nagurny People like Ann are why these parades are necessary. What’s with the hate!? That’s why we have these things… to promote love of all kinds.

  • Chantel Nagurny And Darren apparently… wow I’m embarrassed to be from Abbotsford right now.

  • Chainelle Stanley Disgusting attitude, Ann. Your statement only justifies the need for this parade.

  • Stephanie Dawn Ward I think all the pig headed homophobes and racists in this city should hold their own parade..

  • Chantel Nagurny I think that pride parades were probably started by gay people who are fed up and wanted change and acceptance. It makes sense as to why there’s no straight parade for all you whiners.. go start one if you feel so strongly.

  • Jennifer Fraser Sorry, folks. If Ann and Darren don’t get a parade, then no one gets one. We don’t want anyone to have a tantrum.

  • Darren Johnson I’m more concerned with how modern society is changing. Maybe I over emphasized my point.

  • Chainelle Stanley Well, the thing about “Pride Parades” is that straight people are more than welcome to walk in it and be proud of their sexuality… If they support equality for all. I can’t tell you how many people who WEREN’T homosexual who participated in other Pride events and no one pitched a fit.

  • Jennifer Fraser Every society has changed, Darren. Thats how the world works. If it didn’t, we’d still be living in caves. The fact that it makes you uncomfortable is not a good enough reason to expect it not to.

  • Darren Johnson I find it harder and harder to be a Christian with morals and ethics in a community like ours.

  • Lisa Miller Doerksen people like Ann and Darren should be ashamed of themselves..if thats what you’re teaching your children then no wonder we have so much hate in the world..and u people are the ones who have the worst crap in your ‘closets’… so happy Abbotsford’s youth are able to have a voice!! way to go

  • Chantel Nagurny The problem is we are still separating the gay and straight. We are all the same, experiencing the same love in different ways. Maybe we need a “love” parade. That way nobody feels left out. A celebration of looooove.

  • Jenelle Lee Holy crap how does it hurt you if they have a parade? It’s YOU that needs to get over yourself Ann. And Darren – it is clear that you aren’t very evolved so its not surprising you think that way.

  • Lyle Caldwell All I can say is that love comes in many different forms, who am I to judge another human being, just saying

  • Ellen Hildebrandt Morals and ethics…..hmmmm what about love and acceptance..we are not here to judge, but love and support !

  • Darren Johnson Hey Lisa, 5 points for taking things out of context.

    Paul condemned churches for allowing homosexual acts. I am not judging the person, I’m judging society as a whole. I don’t think that being a homosexual is a sin. I don’t even think that being proud about it is a sin either.

    The act of homosexuality is a sin. There is a big difference. That is where the line has to be drawn. I will love and accept any gay person that wants to be friends.

    I admit I may have stepped over a line, I apologize for that. But being the bible belt that Abbotsford is, I’m surprised such a thing is being allowed.

    If you read Romans chapter 1, then you will understand where I am coming from, to sum it up, it says this:
    “unnatural… I think that it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

  • Darren Johnson Jenelle, in what way am I not evolved? Please enlighten me, because I would very much like to hear how racist that comment actually isn’t.

    Because apparently, if anyone believes the Bible to be true, well, they just aren’t evolved. That is called discrimination; which is something you seem to be so good at standing on one side of, but then you go off and say something on the total opposite end of where you stand.

  • Jenelle Lee Where did I say anything about race?? And you’re the one who came on here spouting off rules from your Magic Book. Did I say that Christians shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate themselves because it offends me? No.

    It’s you doing all the whining.

  • Lisa M Yaroshuk May 26 is the Saturday…forget the gay parade and join us for the run for water marathon!!!!!

    Kim Hay Christians are not the problem against the parade. It’s someones/some peoples thoughts/fears of the parade. As a christian I believe I need to love all and accept them. If they do things that are wrong, I can pray but I should never judge because there are many things that are different that I could be judged on too. This doesn’t mean I will be a part of supporting the parade but I do not have to make a scene against it either.