City to look at misuse of agricultural land

Rezoning requested to legitimize truck parking

A rezoning request to legitimize truck parking has led to a city review of the use of properties on Queen Street (south of Marshall Road), to address non-agricultural uses on agriculturally zoned land.

The application to rezone a parcel on Queen Street to allow for truck parking came before city council last Monday, but the decision was deferred. Staff had recommended that the request be denied.

Coun. Ross Siemens asked for the deferral until staff could report back on the various land-use issues on the properties.

“This is the first of many issues that we have to start to deal with on agricultural land.”

The owners of the property in question were asking for rezoning and an official community plan (OCP) amendment to legitimize the “existing non-conforming” use on the property for parking trucks.

The land is currently zoned as agricultural one zone, but is designated in the OCP as industrial-reserve. It is not subject to ALC regulations as it’s less than two acres.

Mayor Henry Braun recused himself from the discussion, as he received a donation from the applicant while the application was in-stream.