City to block left-turns from Abbotsford condo complex after warnings of danger

City to block left-turns from Abbotsford condo complex after warnings of danger

Barrier will be erected sooner rather than later, transportation committee told

The city plans to install a short centre-lane barrier near a large Abbotsford condo complex in a move that may force the buildings’ stratas to agree to route traffic through a neighbouring development.

Last month, council urged stratas representing residents at the Regency Park apartments on Gladwin Road to come to an agreement that would stop left-turns out of the large complex.

A developer wants to build a new proposed apartment building at the complex, and the owner of a neighbouring Central Park Village development has set aside money for a gate that would allow access from Galibardi Drive, which has a traffic signal. But two Regency Park stratas voted down the proposal, saying it would cost them money and compromise garbage collection.

This week, the city’s transportation advisory committee endorsed staff’s plan to make left-turns from the complex illegal, and install flexible “tubular dilineators” along a short stretch of Gladwin to deter rule-breakers.

The move is likely to force the hands of the two recalcitrant stratas, which had voted against the proposal. A staff report notes that access through Central Park Village will make southbound turns onto Gladwin possible.

The project is estimated to cost $5,000.

In May, council urged the stratas to find a solution, pointing to the danger of left-turns from the site.

“I drive that frequently, and I often see people taking their lives into their hands making that left turn,” councillor Dave Loewen said.

Staff had told council that a left-turn barrier would eventually be constructed, although there were no signs that such a project was imminent.

A resident who favoured access through Central Park Village urged the city at the meeting to force his strata’s hand.

“To me, the safety issue outweighs everything else and we need to have that access to Garibaldi,” he said. “If it takes a median to make people realize that, then I propose put a median in ASAP.”

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