Candidate questionnaire: Andrew Christie (NDP)

Candidate questionnaire: Andrew Christie (NDP)

Abbotsford-Mission NDP candidate Andrew Christie answers questions about issues confronting locals

The News sent a questionnaire to all candidates in the three local ridings. Candidates were given strict word limits and instructed not to go over, lest their answers be cut off.

Name: Andrew Christie

Current occupation:

Notable past achievements/titles/jobs:

1) 15-year career as a chef, including some of the top restaurants in the country

2) Community food advocate at Gordon Neighbourhood House, where I built a community Food Centre

Where do you live? Commercial Drive, Vancouver

If you have run for office before, what have you learned? If you have not, why are you running now?

I feel that it’s vital that we elect a government that looks out for British Columbians. We can’t afford another four years of Christy Clark, and I have to stand up for the thousands of people in Abbotsford-Mission feel that way, too.

Tell us about yourself. I.E.: Where were you born, where did you go to school/college etc., what jobs did you have over the years:

I was born in Scarborough, Ontario, and attended the University of Ottawa for three years, before leaving to pursue my dream of becoming a chef. I started as a dishwasher in an all you can eat buffet, and worked my way up to running 4 and 5-diamond kitchens.

Why would you make a good representative for your constituents in the legislature?

I’ve worked extensively with the City of Vancouver, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Association and a broad diversity of community organizations to promote urban farming in Vancouver’s West End. With the rapidly diversifying nature of the Abbotsford community, we need to elect a government that reflects that diversity, and can speak to its experience.

What are the three most important issues facing Abbotsford and how would you address them?

1. Education: Our smaller communities are suffering under Christy Clark. She’s closed 240 schools across the province, and left the remaining ones underfunded and understaffed. Public education is the foundation of a prosperous future for our province. I will work to restore funding to our public schools, and increase accessibility to post-secondary education, so our young people can get the best possible start in life.

2. Healthcare: Too many communities lack essential healthcare services. Hospitals are closing, doctors are hard to find, and we need to do better. We can do better in Abbotsford-Mission, and I will partner with the health authority to increase the standard of care in the community.

3. Affordability: Christy Clark has cut taxes for the wealthy, while increasing mandatory user fees, like the MSP, for everyday people. That’s unfair, and my government will put an end to it.

Tell us a surprising or unique story about yourself:

In my career as a chef, I once set a pot of water on fire

Abbotsford is split into three ridings, all of which have changed a little since the last election. Click here for a map of the Abbotsford-Mission riding. Click here for a map of Abbotsford South. Click here for a map of Abbotsford West.

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