Burned kittens rescued from fire recovering in hospital, awaiting adoption

Two of three cats caught in last week's house fire survived and are being treated at a local pet hospital



Two kittens who narrowly escaped a house fire with their lives are now being treated at a local pet hospital and the Abbotsford SPCA is looking for new owners to adopt them.

The eight-week old cats were rescued when their home on Gladwin Burned burned on Thursday, Jan. 12.

An SPCA staff member rushed to the scene, to find “a tiny charred body cradled in the hands of a firefighter,” according to a release.

The firefighter held an oxygen mask to Slip’s face, who was badly burned all over his body.

Slip’s sister, Virginia, was not burned as badly but both were taken to Coastal River Pet Hospital for treatment.

A third sibling died from her injuries.

“The staff at Coastal River Pet Hospital have been so generous in helping with these kittens,” Sarah Ringer, Abbotsford SPCA’s branch manager said, in a release. “They have gone above and beyond in saving these kittens’ lives.”

Virginia was only singed in the fire and is expected to make a full recovery, the release says, but Slip’s severe burns could cost him his tail and some toes.

Their mother is unaccounted for at this time but a neighbour reportedly saw her the day after the fire.

The SPCA has successfully raised its goal of $2,700 to care for Slip and Virginia, thanks to donations from the public. The release says the money will cover surgery, medication, vaccinations and other care for the two cats, as they await adoption.