Being suspected ‘a horrible feeling:’ Stevens

When police knocked on her door Monday night, Coun. Jenny Stevens assumed the rest of her council colleagues were getting the same visit as police investigate alleged leaks from city hall.

But when she discovered she had been targeted as a suspect, the news “blew me away.”

“It was absolutely devastating,” said Stevens.

Stevens wouldn’t confirm what the alleged leaks relate to, but said council initiated the investigation and its members have been given orders not to talk to the media it.

Mounties, arriving in unmarked vehicles and dressed in plain clothes, seized her computer, but returned it less than 24 hours later. Stevens, who is blind, was grateful for the quick work as she relies on the device, which has a speech services program, to help her communicate.

“I hope police sort [the investigation] out soon,” she said. “I want it over and done with. To be under suspicion is a horrible feeling.”

Stevens has lived in Mission for 30 years and has been on council for 12. For the first time, she is nervous about Monday night’s council meeting because she doesn’t know what the rest of council will think of her.

“None of them have contacted me,” said Stevens, who was quick to add she has been getting calls of support from friends and community members.

Despite being shaken up, she says she will continue to speak her mind on issues and do her job.

Former councillor Ron Taylor also had his home search Monday night by police who took away three computers.

Mayor James Atebe called the incident a police matter and declined to offer any comments.