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Abbotsford mayoral candidates respond to questions

Four people vying for mayor’s seat in election on Oct. 15
The four candidates for the mayor’s seat in Abbotsford are (from left) Troy Gaspar, Dave Pellikaan, Ross Siemens and Manjit Sohi.

There are four candidates running in the municipal election on Oct. 15 to fill the spot being vacated by Henry Braun. The Abbotsford News posed two questions to each candidate.

For more on the candidates, visit The Abbotsford News’ special election section here or the Election 2022 tab on our website.


Q: Why are you running to be Mayor of Abbotsford?

A: I feel it is a good time to run for Mayor to give back to my community. Love my farm, time to sell it. I will always defend the farmer. When I am elected, I will try hard to bring that waiting time down to a year is my hope. It’s all about moving forward; the past is behind us. Time is now to move our great city into the future.

Q: What do you believe are the two biggest issues in Abbotsford?

We live in a 24/7 world; it makes me tired. We need more farmers. We have a shortage of all professionals they are moving to the USA, that was my plan after I went to school. It’s all about the mighty dollars. I’m not that money hungry. Live within my means or you will have a hard life. Would like to counsel the next rising generation. Get a good education and keep learning is the key to the future.


Q: Why are you running to be Mayor of Abbotsford?

A: I am running for the position of Mayor because I believe that I have the experience to continue to build Abbotsford as the Cultural and Economic Hub of the Fraser Valley. Having sat at the council table has given me a comprehensive understanding of the master plans and infrastructure needs as our city grows to 200,000 plus citizens. Our family has owned and operated a small business in the Historic Downtown for 68 years which has given me the opportunity to meet and serve people from a wide variety of backgrounds. I want to build on the solid foundation that has been laid.

Q: What do you believe are the two biggest issues in Abbotsford?

A: There are a number of vitally important issues facing our City such as homelessness, affordability, flood mitigation, recreational and cultural infrastructure, environmental and economic resiliency to name just a few. There are two common denominators that underpin all of these issues and they are consistent, disciplined leadership and respectful relationships with senior levels of government and the private sector. Local government gets 8 cents of the tax dollar. Having our plans in place and our finances in order allows us to advocate in a focused and disciplined manner.


Q: Why are you running to be Mayor of Abbotsford?

A: I hope to bring my 25 years of municipal experience to the mayor’s office and work with the council as a true independent candidate. I am the only mayoral candidate with an election platform ( I believe with the right leadership smart growth will pay for growth. My work experience, leadership skills and vast professional networks from around the globe will enable me to bring the best practices to Abbotsford. So we can increase revenues, make housing affordable, and so we can make proactive, consensus-driven decisions without tax hikes.

Q: What do you believe are the two biggest issues in Abbotsford?

A: Housing affordability and lack of infrastructure.

The News was unable to reach the fourth mayoral candidate, David Pellikaan, but his website is