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Abbotsford developer supports McKee bike trails on Sumas Mountain

Auguston and Abbotsford Tech District partner with mountain bikers’ group
Auguston, the Abbotsford Tech District and the Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association have partnered to sponsor two bike trails on Sumas Mountain. (Submitted photo)

Auguston Town Development Inc. (Auguston) and its Abbotsford Tech District (ATD) project have partnered with the Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association (FVMBA) to sponsor two popular bike trails known as Squidline and Noodley Appendage.

In 1997, as part of the development covenant for its lands on Sumas Mountain, Auguston contributed $1.17 million – more than $2 million in today’s dollars – “to be used by Abbotsford only for the purposes of the development of parks and an off-road public pedestrian and bicycle trail system within the lands.”

Auguston general manager Ian Renton said they have spent $150,000 in the last five years to upgrade walking trails.

“Trails have been an important part of the master plan for Auguston since day one, and we’re proud of our contribution over the last quarter century,” he said.

Gavin Dew, ATD chief strategy officer, said strengthening outdoor recreation “lines up 100 per cent” with their tech-hub concept, which will include facilities for bikers, runners and walkers.

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“We want to see trails retained, maintained and enhanced. We know people who live, learn, work and play in the future Abbotsford Tech District will want that too. We’ll do our part to make sure that happens,” Dew said.

Yoshia Burton of FVMBA said the organization is happy to partner with local developers in maintaining and developing trails in Abbotsford.

“There is a great opportunity for us all to work together towards a long-term, sustainable trail network on McKee Peak, and it’s great to see developers engaged in that process,” Burton said.

The City of Abbotsford is in the final phase of its McKee Neighbourhood Plan, which sets a vision for residential development, schools, parks, trails and environmental amenities on McKee Peak.

The plan goes to a public hearing on March 6, followed by final approval being considered by council on March 27.

Craig Nichols, executive director of Tourism Abbotsford, said development of the McKee area is inevitable.

“But if it’s done collaboratively, we can help ensure Abbotsford plays its part in helping to develop the Fraser Valley as a world-class outdoor recreation destination in the future,” he said.

The McKee Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed online at

The Abbotsford Tech District is a proposal by Auguston to develop a new tech-based community on 100 acres of Sumas Mountain. It is expected to be built over 30 to 40 years.

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