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Abandoned bunnies in Aldergrove prompts warning from rescue society

Overflowing shelters seeking foster homes for rabbits
Two Netherland Dwarf rabbits were abandoned in Aldergrove at 268 Street and 28 Avenue on Thursday, May 16. (Special to The Star)

Two abandoned bunnies has sparked an urgent call to the public not to abandon their unwanted rabbits, even though shelters are overflowing.

Rabbitats Rescue Society, which operates two micro-sanctuaries in Langley, was notified of two abandoned Netherland Dwarf rabbits in a green space at 268 Street and 28 Avenue on Thursday, May 16.

The society was contacted by a witness, explained founder Sorelle Saidman, who saw someone pull their car over and step out with a carrier.

“She could see that the person was trying to get some sort of animal out of the carrier, and these two tiny bunnies were there after the car drove away,” Saidman shared.

The witness easily picked up the tiny bunnies to take home, where her kids named them Stevie and Nicks.

“They stood no chance at all being dumped where they were dumped. This is a space with an awful lot of predators. Had the act not been witnessed, these little guys would have been bite-sized snacks,” Saidman noted.

A Rabbitats volunteer arrived after the witness contacted the society to bring them to one of the local micro-sanctuaries.

The bunnies are thought to be young adults, one female and one unneutered male.

“Its hard for us now because we have no history. It’s hard to guess ages, and to tell if the female is already spayed. If she isn’t we need to get her spayed or prepare for babies. We’re hoping someone knows these rabbits and can contact us,” Saidman commented.

If the female isn’t spayed, Saidman suspects it’s more likely the purebred bunnies were abandoned by an irresponsible breeder.

“Backyard breeders dumping pet stock, and people having ‘oops’ litters, are probably our biggest challenges.”

While the rescue society took these bunnies in, Saidman said they are in desperate need of space.

“Rabbits do very well in barn stalls, shed-and-run situations and simple purpose-built structures and Rabbitats can offer various levels of support,” Saidman noted.

Rabbitats is asking anyone able and willing to house small colonies of spayed and neutered rabbits to contact them at

In the meantime, the society is in discussions with municipal and provincial governments to develop breeding controls and sterilization mandates.

Learn more at

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Two Netherland Dwarf rabbits were abandoned in Aldergrove at 268 Street and 28 Avenue on Thursday, May 16. (Special to The Star)

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