140 city staff made more than 100K in 2014

Report cites two per cent payroll increase over previous year

The number of city staff earning more than $100

The number of city staff earning more than $100

The number of city staffers earning more than $100,000 hit 140 in 2014 – up almost 23 per cent from 114 six-figure earners in 2013. More than half of those were firefighters.

According to the city’s draft financial statements presented at a committee of the whole meeting on Monday, 234 staff earned more than $75,000 – compared to 231 in 2013 and 222 in 2012.

In accordance with the Financial Information Act, the city must report all elected officials’ salaries and all employees making more than $75,000. The act excludes police departments.

Of the 140 people who made more than $100,000, 74 were firefighters, or almost 53 per cent. In 2013, 58 firefighters made more than $100,000.

City manager George Murray said that some of the firefighters received retroactive pay after their union contracts were settled, which would bump some up to a higher remuneration rate for that year.

The staff report states that total remuneration for city staff rose by $1 million. The city’s total payroll, including those who make less than $75,000, was $48.8 million in 2014 (not including expenses). In 2013, it was $47.8 million.

That is a two per cent increase from 2013. The report says almost half of the increase comes from the inclusion pay to auxiliary firefighters, which was not reported in prior years.

The staff report also indicates overtime costs were a large contributor to the increase in personnel earning more than $75,000. Without overtime, there would be 31 fewer people on the list.

The city’s highest earner in 2014 was once again Murray, at $249,245. He was followed by deputy city manager Jake Rudolph at $224,915.

Airport manager Mike Pastro received $184,962 in remuneration in 2014, up 1.8 per cent from 2013, when he earned $181,621. It was announced that Pastro will retire this month.

Former mayor Bruce Banman was paid $95,333 in 2014.

Councillor earnings vary depending on expenses and indemnity paid for attending water and sewer commissions, and for acting as mayor. Henry Braun was a councillor until November, when he was elected mayor. He received $40,442 for the year.

Couns. Moe Gill and Dave Loewen, who both served as councillors through the entire year, each received about $41,000.

The city has more than 800 employees and a total budget of about $220 million, with an operating budget of roughly $170 million and a capital budget of $40 million.

Top five salaries:

City manager George Murray – $249,245

Deputy city manager Jake Rudolph – $224,915

GM of engineering Jim Gordon – $205,257

Airport manager Mike Pastro – $184,962

Fire Rescue Service GM Don Beer – $180,820