Cindy Boury, from Abbotsford’s Cindy Boury Private Wealth Management.

Cindy Boury, from Abbotsford’s Cindy Boury Private Wealth Management.

Why pre-planning for your estate can save your family

Free, Nov. 9 discussion explores vital wills, probate and estate issues

The last thing families want after a loved one’s passing is conflict over the estate, yet too often, without the right pre-planning, that’s exactly what happens.

A free Nov. 9 educational session from Abbotsford’s Cindy Boury Private Wealth Management, an independent wealth advisor with investment dealer Raymond James Ltd., aims to help families change that.

Understanding Wills, Probate & Estates is open to all interested in gaining a better understanding of probate, how to avoid wills variation and other interesting estate issues.

Why pre-planning is essential

By far the most common issue families experience in estate matters is fall-out from lack of planning and communication.

“It’s important to design the estate while people are alive, otherwise it can ruin the family and create hardship,” explains Cindy, who emphasizes the importance of education and communication with clients and their families. Additionally, pre-planning can help avoid unexpected fees and probate costs.

Avoiding wills variation

Broaching the topic of wills and estates with our families often isn’t easy, but it is necessary. When planning and communication don’t happen and conflict among beneficiaries arises after a death, application for a will variation can follow, a step that incurs legal costs, possible court time, stress and family conflict, with no guarantee of the end result.

Instead, Cindy encourages a comprehensive estate planning process involving the family if the client wants, including everything from real estate, business assets and life insurance to Registered Savings Plans and Tax-Free Savings Accounts. “People need to design their estate properly with the aid of a professional experienced in estate management,” Cindy says. “It gives everyone peace of mind.”

Attending educational events and meeting with an experienced advisor can help people make those well-informed decisions.

A holistic approach

Understanding the value her clients place on family, the third-generation Abbotsford resident is joined in her 20-year-old practice by daughters Sheryl, business development specialist, and Susan, wealth advisor assistant, in addition to five other specialists rounding out her eight-member team.

Cindy’s wide breadth of training, knowledge and experience allows her to take a holistic approach to wealth management.

“In addition to estate management, we offer a wide variety of investment services, including wealth management, business and corporate solutions, investment options, insurance and wealth protection,” Cindy says. “With a team this size, we have a number of people with different areas of focus, so we have a good mix,”

Reserve your seat

Space is limited in the free, educational seminar at the Abbotsford Sandman Hotel Nov. 9, and those wanting to learn more about wills and probate are urged to RSVP to the Raymond James office at 604-855-0654 or by email at


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