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What your wine choice says about your personality

An Abbotsford liquor store as unique as you and your multiple personalities
Amarit Dass

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It becomes a question synonymous with dinner outings and girls’ nights: White or red? While everyone has a preferred varietal of vino, that choice may actually offer insight into your character. A new liquor store in Abbotsford, College Park Liquor Store, is offering as many wine and craft beer options as personality traits.

What your wine choices say about your personality...

Pinot Grigio: You’re a giver with a trusting heart. Friends often come to you for advice, and you’re a big believer in sending care packages to your kids in college. Yes, you still refer to them as kids.

Chardonnay: You have places to go and people to see. Between planning dinner parties for friends and picking up the kids from practice, you’ll do it all without breaking a sweat and still have time to watch The Bachelor.

Rosé: To you, 21 feels like yesterday. You can decipher your daughter’s text slang without problem, and secretly, Disney movies still make you emotional.

Pinot Noir: You’re charming, clever, and complicated. You’re the type who, if granted one more wish, would ask for more wishes. You follow your instincts and don’t mind splurging for the sake of a good time.

Merlot: You often have deep thoughts about life, which you would love to discuss after another glass. Your ideal Friday night is a cup of tea and a good book. Sometimes you browse through old photos on your phone just to relive the memory.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Your spirit animal is a chameleon because you can adapt to almost any social situation. You are always coming up with new ideas and tend to overuse the line “just go with the flow” when trying to convince your friends to join.Image CPL

Now there is a liquor store as unique as you. College Park stands out from others of its kind in the Lower Mainland by offering a diversity of spirits, wine and beer (including gluten-free and organic options) paired with an elegant layout. Friendly, knowledgeable staff can make suggestions for wine and spirits based on any price point.

“When someone walks in the door, their first impression is, ‘Wow!, ” says owner Amarit Dass, a successful local realtor for over 20 years. “I wanted to bring a touch of class to a neighbourhood liquor store in the community where I live," says Dass.

Because of the store’s attractive design, people tend to browse a bit longer. Every corner is deliberate and neatly organized. The white and red wines, for instance, are arranged in their own sections and then also categorized by country. The store will special order any product a customer requests (so long as it’s available) at no extra charge.

Above all, it’s all about the customer and their experience.

“Whether somebody comes in and buys a can or a case of beer, quality service is key," says Dass.

While most liquor stores have walk-in coolers, where you “freeze your butt off looking for a case,” according to Dass, College Park operates with high-end, open-door coolers that have the coldest beer in the Fraser Valley. In the future, they plan to offer growler fill stations and next month will be opening a 2nd location at UBC Kelowna.

College Park offers daily discounts for seniors, government employees, UFV student discounts as well as monthly give-aways. For more information, visit the store at #104 - 1520 McCallum Rd. in Abbotsford (off King Road, next to 7-Eleven) or their Facebook page.

Above: Owner Amarit Dass and Store Manager Brittani Forrest at the College Park Liquor store.

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