What your favourite superhero says about you

Which one do you like best?

What your favourite superhero says about you

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Superheroes let us escape to another place, another universe.  They beat the odds and save the planet.  Which one do you like best? Do you share some of the same personality traits?










Superman: You can be an overachiever, so you’re used to setting the bar and handling the pressure that comes with it. You don’t like to be on the losing team. You’re loyal to a fault and get along best with others who are the same. You like rules and do everything by the book. You’re also an optimist with strong moral values. You see the good in all, despite what Batman fans say about you.









Batman: You like your heroes damaged, because no one is perfect. The tough times in your life have made you more resilient but you have a thick outer shell. You work hard and get things done but you’re not an attention seeker.  You have a strong sense of right and wrong and will intervene when you feel an injustice has been committed. Letting go of a grudge can be a challenge for you.










Wonder Woman: You can hold your own in a group of guys. You’re confident, strong, self-assured and a leader among your friends. You can be feminine and powerful at the same time. You are honest, an optimist, and command attention. You are prone to taking everything on yourself instead of asking for help, when you need it most.














Spider-Man: You were probably that kid who was never afraid of spiders and thought getting bitten would be worth having Spidey sense. You are smart, witty, and prefer to stay out of the spotlight. You don’t have a fear of heights but you may have a fear of commitment, making it difficult to express your feelings to someone you care about.














The Hulk: You wear your emotions on your sleeve and when things set you off…watch out!  You like your own company and tend to be quiet in social gatherings. You have a strong personality and are protective of others. When people get to know you, they see your kind and thoughtful side.
















Iron Man: You love the latest gadgets, toys, and appreciate the finer things in life. You love to live big but need to remember that money isn’t everything. Some may call you a recluse but you have a loyal, close circle of friends.















Captain America: You are forthright and stick to the rules. You love your country and wave your flag with pride. You like order in your life, dress well – but not too flashy. As a role model, younger people look up to you.

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