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It’s a holly jolly December at your locally owned Otter Co-op

Lighten your to-do list over the holidays with easy one-stop-shopping
Retail Manager, Glenn Chisholm along with some of his fellow team members at Otter Co-op’s retail centre in Langley. Retail Manager, Glenn Chisholm along with some of his fellow team members at Otter Co-op’s retail centre in Langley.

The holiday season has arrived and whether you still need to trim the tree or you’re already planning a holiday feast to impress even the Whos down in Whoville, Otter Co-op will help make the festivities fabulous – and easy!

Creating holiday magic with a festively bedecked home, holiday get-togethers and the perfects gift is not for the faint of heart – finding ways to lighten the mental load this holiday season is a must!

One way to quickly check items off your to-do list is with convenient one-stop-shops that let you cover a lot of holiday ground in a short time.

“The holidays are a busy time of year and there’s no shame in finding ways to make things run a little smoother if it gives you time to sit back and enjoy the season with your loved ones,” says Glenn Chisholm, Retail Manager at Otter Co-op’s retail centre in Langley. “Whether you need a last-minute outfit for a holiday party or a beautiful, hand-crafted and ready-to-go charcuterie board for dinner with your folks, we’ve got you covered.”

What’s in-store at Otter Co-op this season?

  • Grinch-free home decor: From 25 per cent off beautiful artificial Christmas trees, to holiday lights and stocking stuffers, find everything you need to get your home ready to welcome friends and family.
  • Festive Fashion: Lightbulb necklaces are all the rage this year and a fun way to add some holiday spirit to any outfit. And if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas jammies, Otter Co-op has the perfect set, plus cosy robes, slippers and blankets.
  • Whoville-worthy feasting: With fruit cakes, plum pudding and eight-inch holiday-themed cakes filling the bakery, ready-to-go charcuterie boards and seasonal snacking baskets in the deli, and mess-free, delicious pre-stuffed turkey making its appearance in the rotisserie case over the week of the Dec. 24, know that anything and everything you need for your holiday feast can be found at Otter Co-op.

Don’t forget to support your local food bank this season

While shopping, take a moment to support those in need this December by adding a $5 or $10 Hunger Bag to your order during check out. Hunger Bags are pre-loaded with much-needed pantry staples and go directly to local food banks.

Earn money back on every purchase!

Otter Co-op memberships are available for a one-time fee of $10 with no annual renewal fees and members of Otter Co-op share in the profits. This past July co-op members received $6.2 million in patronage refunds through cash and equity, based on their purchases.

Sign up for your Otter Co-op membership online today to start earning cash and equity back on gas, fuel, groceries, liquor, agriculture supplies and more.

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