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How massage therapy can help with injury rehabilitation

Massage therapists play a key role in Abbotsford rehabilitation team
Synergy recently expanded their team to include massage therapists, a crucial addition for the centre’s multidisciplinary approach. Courtesy photo of Synergy Rehab.

In the evolving landscape of rehabilitative care, massage therapy plays a unique role in healing and wellness.

Massage therapists, with their expert knowledge of the body’s musculature and soft tissue, offer critical support in the rehabilitation process, especially for patients navigating the aftermath of physical injuries, explains Dr. Raman Pamma, a managing partner and chiropractor at Synergy Rehab in Abbotsford.

“Integrating massage therapy with other treatment modalities ensures a more effective and complete recovery process.”

Synergy recently expanded their team to include massage therapists, a crucial addition for the centre’s multidisciplinary approach that highlights the importance of massage therapy in bridging the gap between initial recovery and full functional restoration.

“The integration of a massage therapist into our team fortifies our active rehab services,” Dr. Pamma says. The centre’s holistic approach melds various therapeutic services, from chiropractic care to now, massage therapy, ensuring a cohesive recovery journey for patients.

The importance of massage therapy lies in its ability to both alleviate pain and promote tissue healing and flexibility. It acts as a bridge between the acute phase of injury and the return to full functional activity.

The centre’s facilities, equipped for a comprehensive rehab process and supported by insurance coverage, including ICBC, set the stage for personalized therapy sessions aimed at addressing individual patient needs.

Body workers services

The centre also engages with students from local universities as body workers. These budding professionals, while not yet licensed, apply their skills in a practical setting, guided by experienced mentors. “This initiative enriches both the students’ learning experience and our services,” Dr. Pamma says.

“The demand for specialized rehab services, especially massage therapy, has been significant,” Dr. Pamma notes. This reflects a growing awareness of the importance of comprehensive and hands-on approaches to rehabilitation.

Synergy Rehab can help individuals seeking a path to recovery that encompasses both the physical and therapeutic benefits of massage therapy. To book an appointment, visit the Synergy Rehab website at or call 604-776-5700.


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