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How a holistic approach can support your wellness journey

Holistic nutrition takes a full-circle approach to overall health and wellbeing
“Holistic nutrition is essentially a ‘w hol e’ approach to wellness – we don’t focus on just treating the symptoms our clients are experiencing but really getting to the root cause of the problem,” says holistic nutritionist, Lindsey Shields.

When we take a holistic approach to wellness, nutrition is a key component.

With that in mind, Abbotsford holistic nutritionist Lindsey Shields shares the whole picture on what a holistic approach to wellness really means and how it can benefit you in your wellness journey!

Holistic nutritionist, Lindsey Shields.
Holistic nutritionist, Lindsey Shields.

What exactly is holistic nutrition?

“Holistic nutrition is essentially a ‘whole’ approach to wellness – we don’t focus on just treating the symptoms our clients are experiencing but really getting to the root cause of the problem,” says Shields, from Newleaf Total Wellness Centre. “A holistic nutrition plan includes support for mind, body and spirit with the goal of eliminating what has been causing the symptoms clients experience, not just providing relief from them,” Shields says.

What does a Holistic Nutrition plan look like?

Holistic nutrition health plans can look very different from one person to the next because they’re extremely personalized. We start all new clients off with a full physical, mental, spiritual work-up because mind, body and spirit are intricately connected,” Shields explains. “By focusing on overall health instead of just one specific mental or physical complaint, we end up with long-term solutions that actually make a difference in our client’s overall quality of life.

As for food and diet-specific changes, a holistic nutrition plan focuses on nutrient-dense, well-balanced meals that are easy to make and taste delicious.

“Specific meal plans are designed on a per-client level and are personalized to meet individual health needs. There’s no calorie counting and people are quite often surprised at how easily and quickly the body responds to these simple changes,” Shields says.

Many people are looking for easy ways to boost their immune systems and stay healthy during cold and flu season. Can you make some suggestions for immunity boosting solutions that actually work?

My top suggestions for adults to improve their immune systems would have to be:

  • A Vitamin D supplement
  • A quality probiotic/prebiotic blend specific to you
  • A magnesium and zinc supplement
  • Eating seasonally – our bodies naturally crave warm, rich foods in the cooler months for a reason (soups, stews, broths etc.)
  • Stress management – “This is a big one! Stress equals a vulnerable immune system.”
  • Adaptogens, plants and mushrooms that help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and promote overall wellness.

For more health and wellness support, reach out to Newleaf Total Wellness Centre and their amazing team of wellness professionals. You can reach them by phone at 604-850-2511 or book online here!