Five things you need to know about buying and selling at a ski and board swap

Ski swaps are the perfect way for families to get into a lot of fun

Five things you need to know about buying and selling at a ski and board swap

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As we wait in anticipation for the snow to fall on the region’s many epic ski hills, many people may be asking, “how can I make the best of it this season?”  Most of know that skiing and snowboarding can be costly, especially for families. Yet it doesn’t have to be.

Ski swaps are the perfect way for families to get their little ones and not so little ones into a lot of fun without the huge expense of new equipment. Yet, not everyone knows what to expect at a ski swap or understands the benefits. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when shopping ski swaps.

1) The staff should be professionals and clearly identifiable. They should be knowledgeable, and able to assist you and your family with ski gear for your required activity level. And don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!

2)  All gear should be safety inspected to assure that ski bindings can be safely reset; and that skis and boards are without damage (such as cracks, bends, and delamination). Boots should all be inspected to assure that binding contacts are within tolerance, and there are no deformities or cracking, and all required pieces are present.

3)  This can be a great opportunity to sell your own ski and board stuff – which is why it’s called a ski swap! You can sell and buy while you are at the event (the staff sells your stuff while you shop). Make sure your ski or board is gently used and fits the criteria as above mentioned. You will need to register ahead so don’t miss deadlines.

4) Some of the skis and snowboards are brand new – just last year’s models!  Again, for the budget-minded, this is a great way to get into new gear for a fraction of the cost. Often ski swaps will  have ski resort organizers who offer the best prices on  season passes and accommodation packages.

5) Try to support an organization that is 100% volunteer.  A ski swap that is designed to use 100% of the profit from  purchases to support four-season local volunteer first aid and rescue services in your community can help save a life, even yours!

The Canadian Ski Patrol’s Winter Extreme Ski & Board swap is one of over 20 across Canada, cumulatively the worlds largest.  In Abbotsford alone, the annual event involves over $500,000.00 of inventory to choose from at prices of up to 80% off retail. One hundred per cent of the proceeds support local and first aid services by the Canadian Ski Patrol.

The Canadian Ski Patrol has over 4,500 members providing volunteer first aid and rescue services to over 230 venues across Canada. Locally, members in the Vancouver area provide services to Mount Seymour, Manning Park Resort, Hemlock Mountain Resort and Cypress Mountain.

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