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Celebrating Construction Month in British Columbia

For the seventh consecutive year, this April, we’ll be shining a spotlight on the people who build our province. It’s a rich legacy worth celebrating.

Do you know someone who works in construction? We do, and we have just one word for them: THANKS!

Over 26,000 contractors work in B.C.’s industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential (multi-unit) construction industry. They employ more than 229,000 British Columbians, which includes roughly 167,000 tradespeople. In fact, the construction industry ranks first as an employer in B.C.’s goods sector and contributes 10.3 per cent of the province’s GDP. B.C.’s construction industry has been building and maintaining our province’s built environment for decades. That legacy is apparent every time we set foot on our streets and look around our neighbourhoods.

For this seventh edition of Construction and Skilled Trades Month, we’re honouring the construction workforce whose talent, expertise, and experience have helped build B.C. We value their dedication in passing this knowledge forward to our industry’s next generation of leaders, as we all work together to attract and support a stronger, more diverse, inclusive, and resilient workforce.

Construction Month offers an important chance for all British Columbians to recognize the contributions of the people in this critical industry. More than $159 billion in major construction projects are currently underway in B.C., with skilled tradespeople and their colleagues hard at work across every single community in every region of the province. They’re collaborating in teams, mentoring one another, and working hard to deliver the projects that British Columbia desperately needs.

Construction Month sponsors, such as title sponsor LNG Canada, are committed to workforce development across the province, helping to make sure that small contractors can support their workers in apprenticeship, and that traditionally underrepresented groups have access to the careers they seek and a chance to succeed at them.

The British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA) and B.C.’s regional construction associations are lobbying the government to make sure contractors get paid on time for the work they do, working with the province and municipalities to ensure that procurement processes are up to standards, and working with employers to ensure that the culture on site is one that supports everyone to work to the best of their ability without hazing, bullying, harassment or discrimination. Together, we’re building a construction industry that works for everyone.

This Construction Month, we invite you to join us in recognizing and celebrating the important contributions of B.C.’s construction industry. Give a shout-out to anyone you know who works in construction. Their contribution to British Columbia is an important legacy for which they can be proud.

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During Construction and Skilled Trades Month 2024, the B.C. Construction Association highlights the importance of supporting those working hard to build British Columbia. Photo courtesy BCCA