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Police scammer: Callers claiming to be Abbotsford Police demand money

‘Heightened’ number of scam calls on Thursday asking to help family with legal fees, APD says
The Abbotsford Police Department saw a heightened amount of scam call reports on Thursday (Jan. 25) in which callers claimed to be from the APD. /File photo

Scam callers pretending to be the Abbotsford Police Department saw an uptick on Thursday (Jan. 25).

According to an APD Facebook post, the department received a heightened number of scam call reports where callers claim to be from the Abbotsford Police Department demanding money.

Police say the callers often claim a family member is in jail and needs immediate funds for legal fees.

“This is not in line with our procedures, and we urge the public to refrain from engaging with these calls by providing personal information and funds,” the post reads.

APD says the scam calls share similarities with “Grandparent Schemes” in which callers claim to be either law enforcement or lawyers requiring immediate funds for a family member in legal trouble or some emergency.

“It is upsetting that scammers are going to the lengths to pose as law enforcement in order to steal funds from people in our community,” the APD says.

Police urge the public to be vigilant when providing information and funds.

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