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Agassiz hits top temperature in Canada again: Weather Canada

Temperature broke a 2014 local record
The temperature milestone on Oct. 7 marks at least the second time Agassiz has been recorded as the hottest place in Canada within the past year. (File Photo)

For the the second time this year, Agassiz was the hottest spot in Canada.

Eagle-eyed weather watcher Darren Kennedy reported Friday (Oct. 7) morning that Agassiz’s temperatures hit 20.9 C at 6 a.m.

While Agassiz was the hottest place in B.C. at that time, Dease Lake Airport measured a chilly -1.3 C that same morning. Elsewhere in Canada, Eureka, Nunavut recorded the nation’s low at -26.1 C.

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Temperatures in Agassiz hit 23.7 C by about 12:30 p.m. on Oct. 7, breaking an eight-year temperature record of 23.6.

Agassiz’s high temperature tied a 1993 record on Sunday, Oct. 2, when highs reached 27.4 C.

On July 26, at about 6 a.m., Agassiz was the hottest palce in Canada at a sweltering 24.9 C. Local highs reached 36.1 C, which handily broke the previous local record set in 1998: 33.5 C.

Last year, on Aug. 12 at about 11 p.m., Agassiz’s temperatures reached 30.6 C, making it a provincial and national hotspot. At that point, Yoho National Park (13 C) was the coolest area in B.C. Earlier that summer, Agassiz broke an all-time temperature record twice in one week – on June 27, temperatures topped 40.4 C, breaking a 2015 record by seven degrees and all records for the area stretching back 120 years. The following day, on June 27, temperatures again broke all-time records when they reached 41.1 C.

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On Nov. 19 2019, Agassiz was the hottest place not in the country but in the province at 13.8 C, significantly warmer than the coldest area at the time, Fort Nelson, which saw temps dip down to -18 C.


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