Phil Ellis of Peninsula Runners

Phil Ellis of Peninsula Runners

Running and Water Go Hand in Hand

Phil Ellis of Peninsula Runners, Abbotsford, provides training tips for the Envision Run for Water event in Abbotsford

Phil Ellis of Peninsula Runners began his 30+ year running career in high school in the early 80’s. As his passion grew and his ability increased, he went on to win the 10K Vancouver Sun Run in 1991 with an impressive time of 29:03. Ellis’ passion for running has taken him as far as Japan where he has participated in the Ekiden Relay seven times.

With Ellis’ vast experience in the running world, it comes as quite a compliment when he endorses the Envision Run for Water event in Abbotsford. This years’ event, taking place on May 31, 2015, will be celebrating its 8th anniversary. Ellis commented that Run for Water is “bigger than just a running event, people who aren’t necessarily runners come out to the community event.”  He says its success is a result of what can happen when people in a community work together that share a passion and vision.

Ellis also believes that the act of running for water is the perfect combination because “running and water go hand in hand,” in that water is necessary to maintain a runner through a race, and on a more rudimentary level that fresh water is crucial for life.

Training Tips:

  • If you are just starting out, do not do too much too soon. Be patient and build up slowly with walking and running.
  • It is not about speed, do not push yourself too hard. Keep your runs enjoyable.
  • Less is best”—it is better to say “I could have done a little more.”
  • Training should not be too strenuous.
  • Make it your lifestyle: 30-60 minutes 3-4 days a week is ideal.

Phil Ellis lives by his own advice and says that is why he has been able to run for thirty years, and has plans on running for thirty more.

Make sure to check out to see how you can get involved with this amazing community event.

By Corina Kropp