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Reaching out to the arts

Come get in touch with Abbotsford's arts and culture scene
The Reach Museum Gallery Abbotsford is home to both local and traveling exhibits.

Get in touch with Abbotsford's arts and culture scene.

The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford opened on Sept. 22, 2008 and in the first six months of operation has already seen thousands of visitors and become a fixture in the community.

The welcome figure, Xay teluk, carved by premier Salish artist Stan Greene and Tsimishian artist Reynold Collins greets visitors in his permanent location in the foyer of this new home for arts and cultural activities in Abbotsford and the region.

Preserving and sharing the stories of Abbotsford's rich and diverse cultural heritage, showcasing the best in arts from both inside and outside the community, this engaging and dynamic gathering place is committed to excellence and quality programming and exposing the public to the multi-disciplinary, inspiring and provocative world of arts and culture. This is the mission of The Reach Gallery Museum.

The inaugural museum installation People of the River, Valley and Land, which runs until Sept. 6, 2009, animates these themes with artifacts, photographs, stories, five commissioned art installations and a digital time map (a favourite of young and old alike).

People of the Valley highlights the Stó:lô people, the earliest occupants, and the Indo-Canadian community, one of Abbotsford's largest cultural groups.

People of the Land explores the development of the major local industries and agriculture.

People of the River examines the natural water systems as a driving force on the people and environments within this region over time.

This summer, The Reach will feature 20 fine artists, craftspeople and surface designers from the Yukon Artists @ Work Co-operative, which is based in Whitehorse, Yukon. A weekend festival following the opening will include workshops, a film fest and music.

In the fall, in celebration of the UN Year of Natural Fibre, The Reach will hold a textile exhibition that knits together the work of local weavers, quilt makers, etc. with contemporary works and artifacts from South Asia.

The Reach will also present the exhibition Colour and Light, a textile exhibition from the Textile Museum of Canada.

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