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Border-crossing myths dispelled in new e-book

Abbotsford author has also released a second book on hiking preparedness
Abbotsford's Luciano Nisi has written two e-books recently.
An Abbotsford author has recently released two e-books.

A local author is blending his first-hand employment knowledge with a desire to help people.

Luciano Nisi spent nearly four years as a Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) guard, and was constantly surprised by the number of people who feared, in many cases irrationally, trying to cross the border.

"I learned that lots of people don't know the basics," said Nisi, who earlier this year published an e-book on the topic, Crossing the Line: How to cross a land border stress free.

"It's essentially a how-to book for travellers to understand how to come back into Canada."

The most common worry he heard was that people thought they would be strip-searched.

Beyond that, Nisi said many are unaware of what they are permitted to bring back across the line duty free.

Especially with dairy, people often bring too much – travellers are limited to $20 per day – and are then surprised at having to pay the extra fees charged by the federal government, he said.

Nisi's book dispels myths and beliefs about crossing, and details the rules and regulations about the identification needed, and more.

Nisi, who also served in the Canadian Forces, as well as volunteering with Central Fraser Valley Search and Rescue for seven years, has just released a second e-book entitled Trail Ready: How to pack and prepare for hiking emergencies.

"I've done a lot of stuff outdoors and I'm constantly seeing people unprepared," he said. Nisi has come across people in areas with no cellphone reception who are armed with only a bottle of water.

The 38-page book is a fast guide on what to do if you become lost, the 10 essentials to pack on any hike, how to use a signal mirror, etc.

Nisi is planning future e-books, including one about incidents he has responded to while a paramedic.

The books are available at

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