Rugby, demolition derby, and tractor pull among competitions at Agrifair

Competitive entertainment features games for all ages

Agrifair will feature a variety of competitions.

Agrifair will feature a variety of competitions.

The kids’ pedal tractor pull tests kid’s horsepower at Pioneer Corner

There are ribbons to be won and prizes to be had at the Pioneer Corner as the Kid’s Pedal Tractor Pull competition gets underway twice daily throughout the long weekend. It isn’t horsing around that will win your kids a prize or ribbon, but they will have to generate as much horsepower as they can to win against their rival competition.

Two heats will compete against each other daily. Contestants will have to use raw muscle strength to drive a pedal tractor down a track while at the same time pulling a weight transfer sled upon which escalated weight will be added. Whoever can pull the sled the farthest is the winner!

Be sure to check out the big tractors. The Fraser Valley Antique Farm Machinery Association will be exhibiting restored heritage tractors as well as antique household items. See a 1930s antique diesel-powered saw mill in action as it cuts raw logs into boards the old-fashioned way. You will also see some antique gasoline engines.

Have you ever gazed down the dairy aisle of your local grocery store and wondered just how skim milk, 2% milk or your coffee cream was produced? Or have you ever wondered what went into making a rope? Or how grain was separated from the stock and husks of wheat grass? Well, here’s your chance to find out. Cream separating, rope-making and thrashing machine demonstrations will be shown twice daily. This is a great educational and eye-opening experience for those of us who simply head over to the local convenience or hardware store to buy what we need.

Back in 1889, Abbotsford began as a small farming community and now has grown to produce over 70 per cent of B.C.’s  dairy, berries, vegetables, poultry, eggs, pork, greenhouse vegetables, mushrooms, floriculture and nursery products. Agriculture was what gave Abbotsford its kick-start and it continues to be a big business that keeps Abbotsford flourishing.

Pioneer Corner will take you back in time to when good old-fashioned farming techniques and machinery helped deliver and sustain agriculture in our city. Be sure to check it out.


West coast lumberjacks and demolition derby returning to Abbotsford Agrifair

Grab a corn dog, a plate of deep fried pickles or those mini donuts and snag a seat in the stands before they’re gone. Who’s returning to Abbotsford’s Agrifair? They are the people’s favourites: The West Coast Lumberjack Show and The Demolition Derby.

The lumberjack show, featuring big, brawny lumberjacks facing off against each other in tests of strength, speed, accuracy, balance, and skill, represents the thrilling and dangerous forest industry in British Columbia. Roaring crowds cheer on the lumberjacks as they battle each other through a gauntlet of climbing, sawing, chopping and balancing matches.

“We are awesome,” affirms Darren Dean, owner of the West Coast Lumberjack Show. Returning to Agrifair after three seasons away, Darren has planned an action-packed, 45-minute extravaganza to be showcased three times a day throughout the Agrifair long weekend.

“Our lumberjacks were featured on Canada’s Got Talent and Bachelor Canada last year,” remarked Dean. “They also appeared in The Amazing Race Australia.”

It’s been six years since the demolition derby unleashed its automotive carnage on Agrifair grounds and due to popular demand they are back for more car-on-car combat to thrill crowds once again!

“This is a live-action family event that people of all ages like to come and see,” said Ross Edwards, a 45-year-plus veteran of the derby.

“Spectators cheer on their favourite car and see how long it can last.”

This year the derby, a full-contact motor sport, has something special planned.

“We’re bringing out mini-vans to the death!” announced Ross. “There will be half a dozen mini-vans stripped out for a figure-eight race.”

Whether driving forward, backwards or sideways, contestants must out-drive and out-manoeuvre one another to win this race.

The demolition derby, sponsored by Playtime Chances Abbotsford Casino, is scheduled to roar into action on Aug. 5 for an adrenaline-pumping hour of excitement, and the West Coast Lumberjacks face off daily throughout the long weekend. They are family-friendly, action-packed shows popular among people of all ages.

Fireworks are back Friday night at 10:15 p.m. for a dazzling display you won’t want to miss. It has been three years since they last lit up the night sky at Agrifair, and due to popular demand they are back for another year.


Rugby teams to battle it out on Abbotsford Agrifair grounds Saturday, Aug. 3

Over 20 men’s and women’s teams in three divisions will compete in the Abbotsford Kukri Sevens Abbotsford Rugby Club tournament on Saturday, Aug. 3 at Exhibition Park.

This year the annual tournament is ecstatic to piggyback on the crowds attracted annually by Abbotsford’s renowned Agrifair, drawing a new audience to the fair and sport alike.

If you haven’t heard the terms ruck, maul, scrum or lineout, here is your chance to find out what it’s all about. Rugby Sevens, a fast-paced game played around the world, debuts in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Dating back to the 1800s, Sevens is adapted from the original Fifteen’s format (15 players on the field). Although only being accepted by the IOC in 2009, Rugby Sevens is already one of the world’s fastest growing sports, simply because it is one of the fastest sports in the world. The real appeal is that it is spectator-friendly, demanding no prior knowledge of the sport to feel the sheer excitement and gratification a 15-minute game can provide. This format gives new spectators and seasoned professionals a chance to appreciate different teams, divisions and skill levels, in a one-day, action-packed tournament.

“The tournament will be great entertainment,” said Anthony Hirschman, tournament coordinator.  “It will be good for both kids and adults.”

Sports fanatics and curious on-lookers should be sure to come out and enjoy the sun and festivities. Cheer teams on from the beer garden or observe from the sidelines for a high-speed, thrilling and totally entertaining display of athleticism.

Three matches will be scheduled simultaneously at various times throughout the day Saturday beginning at 9 a.m. until approximately 6 p.m.


Professional wrestling stars to put on a great show in Abbotsford Agrifair’s wrestling ring

Big name professional wrestlers including Canadian heavyweight champion, Scotty Mac, as well as “Streetfighter” Tim Flowers, “Dastardly” Danni Deeds, Andy “The Dreadful” Bird, “Ravenous” Randy Myers, “Bishop” and many more are waiting to face off against each other in the ring inside Agrifair’s Cadet Building over the August long weekend!

Be sure to come by and claim your spot in the audience and watch the exciting and dramatic good versus bad combat action as wrestlers use various techniques such as arm bars, lock-ups, throws and other grappling holds in order to take down, pin their opponent and gain victory.

“There are professional wrestlers coming from Washington state, Alberta, Ontario, Oregon and BC,” says Mike Democrat, ICW commissioner.

“The shows are similar to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.). Female wrestlers Nicole Matthews, Canadian ladies champion, and KC Spinelli will also be there.”

Wrestling fans, don’t miss your opportunity for autographs and a meet and greet with WWE Hall of Famer, “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart. He will be making an appearance during the first two shows on Saturday, Aug. 3 and Sunday, Aug. 4. You can also expect to see him ring-side during the last show of the day cheering on a specific wrestler, who he will be managing. Be sure to come by and find out who it is.

Shows will take place three times daily throughout the weekend.