McCardell to sign latest book

Bestselling author and CTV personality on hand at Coles in Abbotsford

McCardell to sign latest book

Bestselling author and CTV personality Mike McCardell will sign copies of his latest book on Saturday, Dec. 6 in Abbotsford.

McCardell will be on hand from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Coles in Sevenoaks Shopping Centre, 32900 South Fraser Way.

His latest book is titled Cardboard Ocean, a bittersweet memoir of his own hardscrabble childhood in New York City.

McCardell was raised by a working mother in the borough of Queens where even the grade schoolers ran in gangs, fiercely protecting their turf from intrusion by the tykes a few blocks away.

The prized possession of “Mickey” McCardell’s kiddie gang was an ice cream factory disposal yard piled high with waste cardboard.

This was their “ocean” into which they would dive and swim in search of cast-off ice-cream sandwich wafers. None of them had ever swum in real water or seen the real ocean although it was only a subway ride away.

Full of stickball, street fights, truancy and trouble, Cardboard Ocean captures a way of life where fun and danger were real rather than virtual.

McCardell is known for his tongue-in-cheek investigative reporting and human-interest stories and as the author of previous books such as Haunting Vancouver, Unlikely Love Stories, Chasing the Story God and Back Alley Reporter.

For more information about the book signing, call 604-854-3233.

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