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Lots of fun animal entertainment and educational opportunities at Agrilane

Agrilane will feature a variety of animal-related activities for all ages
There will be plenty of animals on display at the upcoming Agrifair in Abbotsford.

What does everyone want to see at the fair? Animals, of course! Be sure to spend some time at Agrilane and check out the entertaining shows, educational demonstrations and 4H competitions.

“Rabbit Agility” is a must-see on Saturday, Aug. 3 and Sunday, Aug. 4, as well-trained bunnies hop over appropriately sized obstacles with direction from their enthusiastic handlers.

“It’s a very popular event,” says Sarah Nichols, agricultural coordinator. “It’s similar to dog agility. The rabbits go up ramps, hop over bridges and their handlers guide them.”

4H competitions will be underway in the Agrifair arena and Agriland show arena all weekend. Dairy, beef, horses, goats, donkeys, dogs and sheep will be shown and judged in their class (age group and breed). Winners will be awarded ribbons which you may see displayed outside of stalls.

The Canadian Junior Shorthorn Association is an organization of young people up to the age of 21 years who are involved in the breeding, raising, care and exhibition of shorthorn beef cattle. Exhibitors are welcomed for their National Jr. Shorthorn Show Friday and Saturday.

The donkey and miniature horse in hand competitions will test the animals’ ability to maneuver through and over various obstacles. They will encounter bridges, tarps (simulated water obstacles) and tippy boards being judged on the animal’s willingness to go through the obstacles.

Contestants in the hilarious Pig Scramble contest will each wear a t-shirt displaying a letter of the alphabet. A group of pigs, each displaying matching letters, will be released into the arena. The contestants must find the pig that matches their letter and try to catch it. This is the tough part. Those pigs don’t want to be caught! If the contestant is lucky enough to catch their squealing match, they must pick it up and carry it to a trailer in the centre of the arena. Youngsters aged 10 and under will compete Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and local celebrities will compete on Monday. Come and cheer on the contestants. Or if you are one of the brave souls who would like to take part in this event, come early and get your name on the roster. There are prizes to be won.

There will be lots of opportunities to learn at Agrilane. See common animal care and farming practices such as the sheep shearing demonstration (once daily), milking demonstrations (four times daily) and the horse shoeing demonstration (twice daily).

Also, watch baby chicks hatch before your eyes inside an incubator in the poultry barn. You will also see many different varieties of chickens, ducks and geese, as well as a pigeon display. If you are excited to witness eggs turn to chicks, you will also want to check out the different stages of growth in the BC Poultry in Motion Barn located in Agrilane. See the difference between one-day old chicks, four- to eight-week-old chicks and adult breeders.

Other fun entertainment includes the Country Horse Classic in the Agrifair arena daily which includes the prestigious Six Horse Hitch as well as other entertaining races and shows. Feel the earth rumble as teams of massive and majestic Clydsdale and Belgian draft horses stomp into the arena pulling large, heavy wagons. This event is the most prestigious draft horse event on the continent. Teams will be judged on their horses, harness, wagon, driver, performance and overall eye appeal. Patrons can also expect to see Friesian horses, the beautiful and graceful draft horses. There will also be an open horse show, including English, western driving and even costume classes. Don’t miss surprise guests, the can-can dancers and rumour has it Lord Strathcona will be making an appearance.

Have you ever heard of “Campfire or Wheelbarrow” races? If you have, you’ll know how entertaining they are, and if you haven’t, you need to come and see for yourself. In the Campfire Race, two heats of two riders on horses will book it from one end of the arena to the other. Then they must jump off their steed, take all the tack off and scramble into a sleeping bag. Whoever is the quickest is the winner!

The Wheelbarrow Races are like chariot races, but instead of a chariot, horses will pull a one-wheeled wheelbarrow carrying a cowgirl holding the reins. They will race around the arena, and the first team across the finish line wins!

There is lots to see and lots to do at Agrilane, so be sure to stop by and spend some time with the large variety of farm animals, learn about them, and at the same time enjoy some fun entertainment.